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Procreate App for PC While futurists have speculated for years about what interactive virtual computing might look like in the future, there is a simple way to use your Desktop pc in VR right now. It’s called procreate Desktop, and we’ve got a look at the most recent version (0.9.25) that you can install and use right presently.


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Procreate App

Procreate With the passage of time and technological advancements, We now live in a digital world in which everything is digitised. Everything has been mechanized and compressed in such a manner that consumers can quickly access it on their electronic devices, from digitizing the whole process of music creation to digitizing the process of making digital art. Given that we’ve already discussed digitizing artwork, Procreate is one of the leading programmes in this field. Do you wish to create paintings on a computer screen? Procreate App is capable of doing so. It’s free to use and comes with a huge brush and colour library. It’s accessible as an iPad programme or an app called procreate.

Procreate for Windows

Procreate App is a drawing, sketching, and watercolor programme that creatives use on their working pads to make art. Developers Savage Interactive produced Procreate, which was first released in the Apple Appstore on March 16, 2011. However, their most recent stable release was 44 days ago, on 21 dec, 2019.

It was developed in a distant place, which might explain why the developers were able to come up with such amazing ideas for the app’s functionality. An artist no longer has to lug along their cumbersome laptop. Their workstation, in the shape of iPads and Apple Pencils, practically follows them everywhere. Unfortunately, owing to some constraints, not everyone will be able to enjoy Procreate.

The goal of this app was to reinvent the notion of sketching physically (by hand) in a digital environment. Because of its sensitivity, this app has a “drawing on papers” feel to it, especially when using the Apple Device. Almost everyone could use this software on their devices because it has powerful capabilities, a user-friendly framework, and limitless possibilities for developing graphical concepts.

This software is designed to meet the demands of artists of all levels, from beginners to experts. It’s adaptable, and the vivid colours it contains readily inspire new designs. It’s also transportable. Procreate App is one of the most popular apps among artists. It’s excellent for digital paintings and has no restriction on the amount of pieces you may create.

Features of the Procreate App

  • It comes with 136 brushes and more than 50 customization possibilities.
  • Layer and clipping masks are supported.
  • Perspective and gaussian blur, colour balancing, and other finishing and rendering tools are included.
  • It includes perspective instructions as well as Drawing Help, making drawing more easier.
  • You may save your drawings in several file formats and broadcast your drawing process using the app.
  • On iPad Pros, you may create Ultra High Definition canvases with resolutions of up to 16k by 4k.
  • Extremely simple iPad and Apple Pen experience.
  • For precise forms, use the revolutionary QuickShape function.
  • Smudge sampling that is smooth and sensitive.
  • Valkyrie, the iPad’s greatest 64-bit paint engine, is at the heart of this app.

Pros and Cons of this App


  • There are 136 brushes in this app.
  • There are a lot of customising possibilities and a smooth process.
  • Completing 250 undos and redos with good results
  • A single time lapse video was made.
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Hundreds of brushes to choose from
  • Brushes from other applications can be imported.
  • Effortless operation


  • There is no colour adjustment for the entire document.
  • Invisible methods that make things easier to use

Usability and Functionality of the Procreate Windows –

  • Procreate App may be used for a variety of purposes. Here are a few examples:
  • Allows an artist to easily organize their artwork into a picture book style. Photoshop users are well aware of this.
  • Files from various devices and places can be imported.
  • Zoom into or out of the artwork with hand movements, and undo any adjustments you’ve made.
  • For artists who aren’t simply novices, execute professional-level composting and layer adjustments with ease. Everyone will find something to their liking.
  • Procreate also allows for simple navigation and incorporation while working on a picture, which is very useful for pros. They can switch between applications while working.

Procreate stands out from other comparable programmes because of its functionality and capabilities. Procreate’s applications are better described than stated. For instance, a designer utilised Procreate to rethink a pet project by producing vintage-style trading cards to keep track of his favourite baseball team’s victories.

Frequently asked

How to Update the Procreate App?

To upgrade Procreate, visit the App Store and go to your Account menu by tapping on your profile image in the upper right corner. You’ll are seeing a list of possible updates. To upgrade the app, tap the Download icon next to Procreate. If you’re not sure if your app is up – to – date, launch it and tap the word “Procreate” in the upper left corner of the Gallery to see your firmware version.

I am Unable to Download Procreate App Why?

Many of the new features and modifications in Procreate’s newest edition are based on the most recent iOS technology. Make sure your iphone version is up to date if you’re having trouble upgrading Procreate.

Does this app include in app purchases?

They used to, but they don’t any longer. The Perspective Guide was formerly an in-app buy, but starting with Procreate 4.0, it was included for free. If you’re using Procreate 3, go thru the purchasing procedure using the Canvas menu’s Early Access option. Although it seems to be a sale, there will be no fee.

How to get the Procreate Pc?

Well, There is a pocket version extension that you can install online. And other than that you can easily take the benefit of so many emulators in the market. Therefore with these emulators you will be able to enjoy the experience of this app.

Conclusion on the Procreate App

Procreate is a useful tool for artists in general. It comes with a good set of painting and drawing tools to help you realise your ideas. In addition, when compared to professional tools, it is simple to use and also in windows pc through Android Emulator. However, like with any new programme, it will take some time for you to become used to it and learn certain shortcuts. For complicated graphics, it also lacks many Advanced editing capabilities. This software, on the other hand, is worth a go for easy drawing and doodling.

Overall a stunning app that is surely worth Downloading for every single penny.


See what they’re saying.

Procreate App is one of my favourite apps, and having an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil makes it even better. It’s certainly worth the money. To be honest, I’ve stopped using my laptop for sketching since the drawing and painting seems so natural and fluid, albeit the quick cuts don’t always work. Besides that, it works a treat. There are several aspects that might be improved, Thus for example, colour selection from a picture or the colour wheel isn’t always accurate when painting with that as well.


What a fantastic app! I’ve been creating digital art for just a long time and have experimented with a range of hardware and applications, including the Cintiq, Wacom Intuos, Adobe, Medibang, Graphics, Illustrator, Autodesk Sketches, and others. But, oh my goodness, I’ll never be able to go back to everything else! Using the iPad with a pneumatically pen and Procreate is superior to any other hardware and software combo I’ve ever tried. I was apprehensive about being able to become acclimated to another software because I was so attached to my usual Photoshop routine, which I’d been using for decades.


I don’t usually write comments, but I’ve used this software for over a year and it’s very decent, even if it lacks some of the features that a PC may have. It’s not difficult to use and allows me to perform simple tasks that benefit everyone. The ability to adjust the size and opacity of the meter. To having a laso tool and being able to create folders as well as you own canvases size. I’m also excited about the prospect of importing brushes created by others. I was able to obtain several useful brushes. Nevertheless, the $7 price tag for this software provides a lot.